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    SWG Best Mods

    > Download SWG Best Mods

    SWG Best Mods provides you a lots of enhancement for your game client. HD Textures, HDR, HQ Music and sounds, large fonts...

    Download and launch the setup file, choose the mods you want and install.

    SweetFX 2 / ReShade

    > Download SweetFX

    • Extract and launch setup file
    • Select your SWGEmu exe
    • Choose DirectX 9 Application
    • Go to the SweetFX folder in your game directory
    • Overwrite SweetFX_settings.txt file by the one attached to the thread

    Enjoy your new game experience !

    screenShot0024.jpg SWGEmu-2015-08-09-01-00-49.jpg screenShot0018.jpg
    SWGEmu-2015-08-02-17-42-30.jpg screenShot0016.jpg screenShot0019.jpg
    screenShot0025.jpg screenShot0015.jpg SWGEmu-2015-08-02-17-40-41.jpg

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